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Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

Tugas DIALOG ENGLISH (Bahasa Inggris) SMA Kelas X

One Monday in canteen, Bagaskara and his friend ( Hardika, Rilo and Ginajar ) are talking about the History Daily test.

Rilo                        :     Bagas! What about yout History Daily Test yesterday?
Bagaskara           :     It’s great, Rilo. I got 90 in History Daily Test.
Hardika                :     Oh, do you like the History lesson?
Bagaskara           :     Yes, of course friend.
Hardika                :     OK. Do you know friend?? I got 50 in that Daily Test!
Ginanjar              :     Me too, Dika. I got less than yours.
Bagaskara           :     Woulls you like me to accompany and teach you for the next History Daily Test?
Hardika                :     Yes, I’m very very agree with you Bagas!!
Ginjanjar             :     But,, where we will study together , Dika?
Rilo                        :     I’d like to invite you to study together in my home.
Ginanjar              :     I agree, but your home is so far.
Hardika                :     Don’t worry friend. Would you like me to pick up you with my car?
Bagaskara           :     All right!! It’s well!

Two month after they talked about the History Daily Test.  Tomorow, when they will second History Daily Test. They go to Rilo’s home. In Rilo’s home.

Hardika                :     Knock.......knock......
Ginanjar              :     Assalamu’alaikum......
Bagaskara           :     Anybody home?
Rilo                        :     Yes, wait a few minute, please!
Rilo                        :     hi ...... friend! Come on! I’m sorry because I am moving the boxs to shead.
Ginanjar              :     Do you mind if we help you to move that box?
Rilo                        :     OK, Thank you Anjar.
Hardika                :     You’re wellcome
Bagaskara           :     Are your mother agree if we study together in your house?
Rilo                        :     Yes, of course. My mother is very kind. You know!
Rilo                        :     Thank you friend
Ginanjar              :     Yes, you’re wellcome
Rilo                        :     What about blending ome fruits before we study.
Hardika                :     I’m sorry Bagas, but I am thirsty after move that boxs.
Ginanjar              :     Yes I agree. How hot they day is! You know!
Bagaskara           :     OK... OK... How pity you are!
Dika & Anjar       :     Hey....!!!!
Bagaskara           :     Just kidding...! OK ?
Rilo                        :     So, let’s we go to my mother kitchen.

In Rilo’s kitchen.

Rilo                        :     Can you put the fruits friend?
Hardika                :     Of course. Wait a few minute!
Ginanjar              :     Can I help you bring the fruits?
Hardika                :     OK... Thank you !
Bagaskara           :     Don’t forget to wash the fruits friend !
Hardika                :     OK. . . Why don’t you helo us?
Ginanjar              :     Yes, I agree, why not? We will more fast, isn’t it ?
Bagaskara           :     OK. . .OK. . . I will help you?
Hardika                :     Get down a fruits.
Ginanjar              :     Be careful friend !
Hardika                :     I’m sorry, but I’m so thirsty
Ginanjar              :     How pity you are !?
Rilo                        :     Be fast friend!
Bagaskara           :     Hey... come on... we must study history...
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