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Selasa, 16 Agustus 2011


Alex Rider Stormbreaker was the action film. This was a spy movie. In this film, we can found scrap technology with strategy. Named of Alex Rider Stormbreaker take from Alex Rider, a man 14 years old and Stormbreaker, from technology Stormbreaker computer.
Alex Rider Stormbreaker have an uncle, his name Ian Rider. His uncle, Ian Rider dies mysteriously in a car crash, because it Alex Rider feel like to identify why his uncle dies. Unbeknown to Alex, his uncle was a spy. It is start of Alex Rider to be spy like his uncle.
After his uncle’s burial. Alex talked with a man. The man emerge that is a head of M16, the agen of FBI. His name Alan Blund. After that, Alex Rider recruited by M16 to investigate Egyption Milioner, Darrius Sayle with his Stormbreaker computer. M16 wish Alex Rider can dismantle the spite and continued Ian Rider’s mission to known Darrius Sayle secret. Before Alex Rider to be spy, Alex must undergone training with militer. After that, Alex Rider to be spy.
First mission, Alex undercover as a competision winner, to investigate Darrius Sayle. There, Alex meet the man and Missi Pyle, and Missi Pyle shown the Stormbreaker computer in action to Alex. In the night, Alex Rider sneaks out of his bedroom window to observe delivery mysterious container ro Sayle’s lair. Eventually, Darrius Sayle know, if Alex Rider as spy of M16. Alex getaway from Darrius Sayle’s house.
The next day, Alex find himself in trouble. After trying to escape from the facility he is captured and during a capture. Because Alex had capture, Alex known true reason behind Stormbreaker, each system contains deadly virus which will kill all of Britian’s school children.
After Alex beat Missi Pyle. Alex fly with helicopter together Mr. Gain and dislodge himself, where Darrius Sayle and Prime Minister stand to endorse Stormbreaker computer in the world. Alex use a rifle to shoot the podium, which destroy the button. The Darrius plan to kill all children was failed. Darrius Sayle died after scrape with Alex in top of building. Darrius Sayle fell from top of building.
The film end Alex back to his school. Before the movie end, standing of M16 member agen in top building, holding a camera which focusted on Alex Rider.
Karna hidup punya banyak rasa untuk harimu